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Hey guys and gals. Haven't been on this site for months and months!! That's thanks to one product... Carley's Clear and Smooth. I started using it about a year ago... right before the summer. I bought the bar soap.. regular strength scrub and followed the directions exactly. It took about 2 months to see any results for my skin (which had moderate acne)
I thought it was hormonal... but it was actually due to sodium lauryl sulfate and all of the -paraben preservatives.
I also switched my makeup to bare minerals because it doesn't have any preservatives.
Then I switched my shampoo and conditioner to the "all natural" ones without any of those harsh chemicals.
You have to read a lot of labels and avoid anything ( from the chest up for me) with sodium/ ammonium lauryl sulfate, ethyl- methyl- iso- propyl- any of the parabens. It's a pain at first but it's so worth it!!!!!

All together it took about 6 months to get really good results. The best results have been in the past 3 that's about a year. I think a lot of people try a product for a month or 2..don't see results.. and try something else. It takes a while.. so make sure you try a product for at least 4 months.
I'm far from an "all natural" nut... but this routine really worked for me so I wanted to share this with you. I'd feel guilty if I didn't.
I use the bar soap in the am then use plain witch hazel as a toner, then use Earth Science's almond-aloe moisturizer. When I shower in the pm, I use the bar soap, then the scrub ( leave it on for 1 minute - 45 seconds) then use my toner and moisturizer. Also I've noticed a HUGE difference when I started using a CLEAN wash cloth or face scrubby every time I wash my face. It gets it cleaner and gets the dead skin off so there's less clogged pores, and gives me really smooth,glowy skin! It has to be clean every time though.. or else you'll just spread bacteria.
Just think , my skin was breaking out because it was so irritated from all of those chemicals. I still get a few zits around "that time" ..... or if I get bored and start picking. Actually.. most of the zits I do get are from me picking at something and making a zit appear. OOPPss.
I hope you all have great luck with whatever method you try. I'm so greatful my skin is clear. Your self esteem will sky rocket! Good Luck!!
p.s a great pore mask is from the brand Kiss My Face. It's the deep pore cleansing mask... I think it's called Pore Shrink. It's AWSOME.

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