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I'm sorry that you didn't have success :( What sort of regimin did you follow? I do believe that part of my problem MAY be hormonal or stress, but I can't really say. I don't have more or less problems during any time of the month, but I do have quite a bit of stress right now. Everyone keeps saying not to stress/worry so much and I'll get better again.... Uh, yeah, ok. That's an easy thing to do. I've had acne since I was probably 13 or 14.... got better and worse with antibiotics. Did accutane.... got better and then worse again. Tried every mask and cleanser possible (did the egg mask the other day - THAT was just gross). Anyway, now I'm 25 and I'm tired of having no clue why I am breaking out and none of the typical "fixes" working for ME. So, this is my new thing, I hope I'll be able to post something positive so that other people will give it a shot.

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