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I've always had mild acne on the forehead. My skin is flawless everywhere else. There were times when it would be quite bad and times when it was almost fully cleared up. Back in September, I started using Proactiv and it cleared it up completely. For 6 months I had FLAWLESS skin. People everywhere were commenting that I was glowing.. well, it slowly stopped working and now my forehead is full of tiny bumps that are getting increasingly worse, especially around the hairline.. Anyone else have this and been successful in getting rid of them?
I'm very disappointed that Proactiv is no longer working for me and I would love to try something else. I'm looking for advice from someone who has the exact same problem. These bumps are weird. You can't squeeze anything out of them.. they're just bumps and if I try to squeeze, they'll bleed. You can only seem them in certain light.. other times you can't notice them at all but when the light shines a certain way, it looks gross!!! It could be the humid summer temperatures or a change in diet that is making them worse.. not sure. I live in Canada and winters tend to be very dry which is great for me since I have an oily T-zone but the summers are hot and humid so I have a feeling that may have had something to do with it.. or maybe the Proactiv just stopped working.
Any advice????

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