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Thanks so much for all the replies! I talked over the phone to my gynae who, basically, said there was no way she was prescribing Spiro to me. She said if I managed to find anyone to prescribe it, which she doubted, I would have to have kidney function tests and all sorts, and went on about how dangerous it was. However she then went on to say she would happily prescribe Diane-35 (Dianette). I told her I was worried about the increased risk of blood clots, and that I had heard you weren't supposed to be on it for more than a year. She said that was rubbish and that I could be on it for years and years! So, I still have an appointment with a private derm next month, as I'd rather not risk the Diane-35. I guess Drs aren't always the know-all Gods I used to think they were! I'm becoming a much more savvy patient!

In the mean time, I just started my period so have started on Yasmin again (first pill last night - my gynae gave me a 12 month Rx last yr)- or should I not take it until after I see the Derm in case he wants to do blood hormone levels or something? Any advice? (I need the Yasmin for birth control as much as anything, been playing Russian Roulette with condoms for too long! (I'm 32 and my family is complete with 3 children).

However, since I decided on asking for Spiro based on the advice here (thanks ladies), and stopped the Proactive (read that BP ages your skin due to increasing 'free radicals' (what?)) and started using Olay Regenerist face wash and Neutrogena Healthy Skin AHA SPF15 (since I couldn't find Alpha Hydrox here in Cayman, this was the only AHA product I could find (its discontinued in the US)) during the day (nothing at night, only the Regenerist wash), amazingly for the first time in 3 years I have had no new spots before my period! Could be the lack-of-stress since I decided Spiro & Yasmin would work for me once I got it?! Or the new routine? Or is this the calm before the storm of coming off Proactive?? Of course I might be speaking too soon, its only been a week, but this is usually the worst week (ie before my period).

Has anyone experienced/heard of side effects from Spiro? Since my gynae thinks its so bad, it does worry me. I was thinking of asking my derm for 50mg of Spiro in conjunction with the Yasmin, based on Skimom's experience (thanks Skimom - your daughter is so lucky to have you!)

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