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I have been on minocycline for 5 weeks now. The first 5 weeks I was taking 200 mg a day, and am now down to 100 mg a day for the next 4 weeks...cutting down to 50 mg every other day for another 4 weeks. I also use Differin Gel each night. 2 Months ago I broke out with 5 cysts on my chin, clear everywhere else. Since then I have not broken out with any more cysts. But I am getting pimples on the chin area still although they go away within 1-2 days.
Has anyone done this regime Mino\Differin? What were your results? Did you taper off the Mino and continue on with Differin? I hear horror stories about people breaking out worse after finishing their Minocycline course....what was your experience? I've also started Omega 3 fish oil pills 1 week did they work for you?
Thanks for your time!
Anybody with Minocycline\Differin experirnce?
I was put on minocyline really early on about 4 years ago. It was the second thing I was prescribed, but it was the first medicine that I had success with. My acne was completely gone within a year and then I stayed on a small dosage for about 6 months after that just to make sure it didn't come back because it was pretty bad. I was clear and only had slight redness, but at the time I knew little about keeping my skin nice and healthy. I didn't use moisturizer or anything back then.

I am on doxycycline(sp?) now and it is helping me a bit. I've only been on it for a month. I wish I'd never had gone off the minocycline, but I know you basically have to for at least a short while from what I understand. I think if I had gone back to get a new prescription instead of letting my acne get out of hand again I'd not be in this situation now.

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