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k... so ive had cystic acne since i was about 13.. im now 20. ive been on 4 .. yes 4 treatments of accutane all successful until about 6 months to a year later.. it always comes back.. ive gone back and forth from beautiful clear skin to a face covered in zits.. and the worst part is my self esteem changes with it. well like most of u kno u must be on BC with the accutane treatment and ive always takin OTC. ive never noticed if it works or not because i only took it during the treatment and always stopped after i was finished. well now ive decided to take just the OTC and see if maybe it will work.. my dermatologist wants me to go on accutane again for a 8 month treatment.. ( ive moved my whole life so i keep being treated by different dermatologists. i always tell them my life story but they just nod and give me the accutane :/ ) i really dont want to do this again because it gives me a false hope so neways im hopin to see improvements with the OTC i just started 2 weeks ago and so far its made it worse.. but ive been told it does that and of course.. i kno things take time to start working.. ive also been using the differen gel for about 3 months.. im not sure if its helping and i take excellent vitamins every day and evening primrose oil.. my acne seems to not be as bad is it has been in the past but its still pretty embarrasing.. i just want to go to the pool and the gym and not worry about wearing makeup and worry about sweating and makin my skin worse.. ugh.. i kno u all kno how hard this is.. most days u just wanna stay home with no makeup and hope that the nest day ur skin will be all clear.. lol.. oh well.. ive heard alot of good things about yasmin also so if this OTC doesnt start to work in about 3 months im gonna switch.. hopefully i wont need to try my 8 month treatment of accutane. which would be the 5th time.. booo.. not for me

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