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Just thought I'd give my response to the product. After recently using it for a month, I had a few small spots and a cyst, but nothing too bad. I read about how loads and loads of people got positive results from using it, and since I only had mild acne, I thought it was definately going to work for me. I was hoping it would get me clear for the festive period but instead, it actually made my acne unbelievably bad. The original cyst that I had had 3 cysts growing on top and around it, and have left me with this disgusting brownish purple lump. I also broke out on the areas of my face which had always been clear. My skin became drier than usual, even though I was washing it less. The biggest p*ss take was that on Christams Day I had a big red spot on my nose.
I followed the instructions carefully, but in the end I couldn't risk my face anymore so I just stopped. My face now is slightly more clear but I can't control it as much as I was able to. This is not suppose to try and stop people from buying the product but just to let you know that it doesn't work for everyone.

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