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I couldn't find the original kind, I'm using the kind for colored/permed/dry/damaged hair, GodsGirl4ever06 said it worked just as well. It's in one of the older style bottles, a solid kind of light pink.

I'm used to having to exfoliate every day, I used to use a microdermabrasion cloth, now I only use it once every couple of weeks if I need to. The way I've been exfoliating for a while now is (probably sounds strange) just using my hands to rub the dead skin off. I've found that to be the gentlest method, I do it when I take a shower, after my skin's been wet for a while, it comes off easy. Now that I'm using this conditioner though, my skin's much easier to exfoliate, it's like the dead skin just about falls off. Maybe that's because it's healing so fast, that's why there's so much dead skin to get rid of. I'm wondering if, (crossing my fingers), after my skin has healed, I won't need to exfoliate very often. But my skin's much less flaky, and I really have had a problem with that all my life.

My skin is much less dry already in the few days I've been using it. I haven't used 'acne' products on my skin for a long while now, it seemed to me to just make my skin break out worse, and plus I couldn't deal with the dryness.

Also, I wear makeup everyday (I wish I didn't have to), and it didn't seem like the conditioner would take that off good enough, so I just use the soap I've been using for a long time before I wash with the conditioner. (The soap is all-natural, some kind of french clay, very gentle) Then after I use the conditioner, I use an alcohol-free toner (which I just bought, it seems really nice), the brand is Nivea, Visage Alcohol-Free Moisturizing Toner for All Skin Types, it's really nice.

I don't know yet about the clogged pores, I'm hoping it'll help with that too, and no, I've never used the water only method, as I said, I wear makeup, so that really wouldn't work for me.

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