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[QUOTE=unruhe;3015971]To anyone: I've read you cannot drink while on Accutane. Are we talking a few drinks here and there or binge drinking, falling down drunk that they advise against?[/QUOTE]

Accutane can cause liver damage which is part of the reason regular check ups are needed. Since alcohol is metabolized by the liver it would probably be best not to drink at all while taking it. I'm not positive but that's my take on it, it would just add unnecessary stress to your organs.
I would just like to add that I first had acne in 3rd grade. Eight freaking years old. That seems insane to me. My mother was a big fan of holistic thinking and health foods. So this CANNOT be blamed on diet, since I ate extremely healthy meals. She gave me vitamins, made me homemade yogurt, didn't allow sweets or candy. It was all natural foods. I find it really irritating when the holistic "experts" out there blame acne on food. (No doubt, there are some cases where acne is a reaction to a food allergy. But I don't think that's my case.)

I also started developing breast buds in 3rd grade. Perhaps I just matured faster or have more hormones or something.

I can definitely say it's genetic too. So I disagree with doctors who say it's not. If you look at my mother and the women on her side of the family, most of them have deep acne scarring.

I'm starting to think that accutane is the way to go, so long as you drink plenty of water, use lip balm, use eyedrops and mositurizer and take vitamins supplements.
I'm not sure I can remember all your questions, but I'll try to answer some. First, you can't take vitamin supplements while on accutane. Accutane is a dirrivitive of vitamin A, so it will overdose you. My derm told me I could only take a calcium supp. As for dryness, drinking water won't help. Accutane sucks all the liquid out of you(at least it feels like it) I couldn't eat chips or anything salty. I loved accutane and it cleared me right up, but I suffered. You also can't drink, because accutane can have effects on your liver. You need to get monthly blood tests to monitor liver function and blood sugars and they'll do a pregnancy test every month. You need to register with ipledge and fill out a questionare every month before you get your script. People with minimal acne shouldn't take accutane it's only for severe cystic acne. You can't do much to prevent the side effects, like depression and achy joints. My joints were very sore especially in the morning. Some days i could barely make it down the stairs. It went away after I was off about 2 months. But it was a long 6 months while I was on it.
good luck and really do your research before you decide.

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