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11 days into month 4 and im tired of the body acne!

This post is going to be me just letting out the anger of body acne.

When i originally started accutane i figured "ill be clear by the end of the 3rd month.. and spring break will be great, ill got to the pool a lot, hang out with people a will be great" and other such things.. but now that its here, and my body acne is just as bad as it ever was, im very mad. I can never go to the pool, or even just take my shirt off.. wearing shirts is embarrasing because they usually show your upper neck/very top of back.. or they show the bottom part of my neck/upper chest which has acne too. I don't know what to do now. Im going away to a very hot place tomorrow, where all people do is go to the pool and what am i supposed to do? i cant find any more excuses not to go in.. and I dont have the courage to say to myself "so what, you have body acne, but your dealing with it and actively trying to get rid of it" because its too embarrasing.

and is it just me.. or does anyone else always get one pimple jsut when they would be clear. at one point i was down to one on my left cheek and that was it.. then that went away and i got one on my forehead, then now thats there, the one on my left cheek is back.. and thers 2 on my right cheeck.. 3 new ones on my neck.. and my chest/back just suck...

this is NOT an initial breakout, its just annoying me though.. I just wish my chest back would clear up. Maybe even a little, i could deal with a few pimples on my back... but not a full fledged attack of zits all over the place.

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