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i don't mean to sound like smart azz but the best thing acne sufferers can do is to first educate themselves
about their condition other than just going to the derm and taking whatever s/he prescribes ..

there's a saying "you are your best doctor"
so read up .. :) .. if you know your stuff inside out the only difference between you and a doctor would be just the privilege to prescribe drugs .. i'm sorry if i offend anybody but that's the way i feel after years of fighting against acne .. it started when i was 18, 19 .. now i'm 28 .. it has been much pains, heartaches for me too .. retin-a, accutane, azalex, oral/typical antibiotics, birth-control pills .. etc .. they didn't work well or only worked temporarily ..


anyway, my skin has been under control for the last three years .. reading posts from this forum, i get frustrated just to see how frustrated you guys are having to battle acne on every day basis .. in order to succeed, you have to accept the fact that your skin is not peaches & cream and it probably will never be .. adopt a good skin regime & stick with it ..
some people grow out of acne, i believe most of the people on this board don't - i'm one of them .
life isn't fair, you just have to accept it and take control of your skin or it will simply control you ..

basic things you can do to help your skin :

-learn to read the ingredient list and avoid products containing alcohol for it dries out the skin & triggers more oil production . avoid products contain pore-clogging agents . to learn about ingredients, i recommend paula's book "don't go the the cosmetic counter without me" or "beauty bible" - i own those two books and they have been my skin & money saver .

-stop using soap bars . buy a liquid facial cleansers that contains laureth sulfate [not lauryl sulfate which is too drying]

-don't rub your skin .

-keep your hands & finger nails clean [ short finger nails are great] . less bacteria, less inflamation .

-keep your hair free of products when you go to bed, if you don't the pore-clogging ingredients in the products will rub onto your pillows, your face ..

-keep bed linens clean

-don't use hot water to wash your face .

-also drink lots of water [easier in hot weather huh :)]

if your acne condition is from minor to moderate like mine, i think you can control it by just using chemical exfoliators like AHA [at least 8%] & BHA [at least 1%] . the AHA exfoliates the surface to bring you better skin texture, & skin tone. the BHA is oil-solutable which means it can penetrate the pores & help prevent future pimples, black heads, etc .

here are the things i put on my face :

- gentle, basic, cheap, no-nonsense cleanser - basis cleaner clean face wash [morning & night]

- paula's choice 8% AHA solution [morning]

- paula's choice 2% BHA liquid [night]

- neutrogena healthy skin lotion [night]

-clean&clear persa-gel 10% [night]

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