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Re: For linnybee
Jul 31, 2003
thanks guys for all the comments, they are all appreciated...

yeah, i hear you on the makeup thing...i can't wear any anyway because of all the peeling and microderm's. i just had my 4th 2 days ago and things are looking better i guess (not saying anything has disapeared yet)...i have a big pimple on my right cheeck and one in the crack where i smile and a few little ones that she picked. and then there are all the marks...ugh!!....about the weather, are you having rainstorms like we are? yesterday it was all sunny and then out of nowhere it started raining, thunder, and lightening for about an hour and then it was sunny again, weird. i think it would be fun one day for everyone on this board to meet and see each other for real, that would be nice to me. anyway, thanks for the support. i saw my derm. today for my 3 week checkup (instead of the usual 2) and he said i look improved from 3 weeks ago, but he always says that, so who knows. he hopes that my face will be doing good by christmas. let's just pray huh!!! i just need the red to get out! as for school, i go to USC...i commute from laguna because i can't stand living up there. it is so blaahh where the school is located that i am scared for my life sometimes with the violence and dirty area. so life in laguna is nice to me so i don't plan on ever changing that unless a job offers me lots and lots of money or if the man i fall in love with (i just hope that happens one day and he falls in love with me) has to relocate. my heart is still aching for the guy i lost :( where do you go to school?? or do you?

yeah, i hear you on the sunscreen. i just put it on on the days i do go out, like today, because i had a derm. appointment and i went to see my best friend because she is really sick. i use dermalogical solar defense booster wich you can either mix with moisturzer or foundation or use it alone. it doesn't clog pores and i have never had a problem with the dermalogica products i for others, well break out city....i am so careful about what i use on my face, it's funny how my body never has a problem though. before all this happened to me i never used sunscreen except for when i went on vacation somewhere or the beach, but now it's a whole new story and sunscreen is my friend when i go out. i have to start wearing it when i go back to school because i will have to walk to class and stuff. thanks for the support

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