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[QUOTE=Sincerely_Me;3042550]I have read about getting your hormones checked -- but what exactly is the point when it comes to acne? If you have more or less of a certain hormone, or any kind of imbalance, your derm or doc can prescribe you something that can help?

Well, I want to know what you guys think and what you have done. I have mild acne, and has been since I was around 13, after I got my period, but got it's worst when I was 16. My derm suggested Accutane by August -- the papers are signed and all. But if I got my hormones checked, I could potentially find out something I didn't know?

So, like I said...have any of you done it? What results did it produce, and what was your course of action?[/QUOTE]

I believe that hormones are at the root of acne in females. Your hormone levels can test out normal but the testosterone's effect on your skin can still be causing the acne. It's called "hormonal vulnerability". At least, according to one source. My daughter had her hormones checked out by an endocrinologist and all tested normal. Her skin was a mess, however. Yasmin and spiro cleared her up. We got that from the derm and not the hormone doctor. I was very irritated at the endo cause I was hoping to get spiro from him. At least the testing showed all was normal but that's all we got out of it. The endo. also told her he could help her get pregnant when the time came :rolleyes: . It was all very expensive too but I was on a quest. She took accutane but the acne all came back immediately after she stopped. That's not to say don't try it. For some people, accutane works perfectly and they never get another zit. I still think it's worth a try. But if it all comes back, don't take it over and over. Then I would try to treat it hormonally.

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