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I went to the doctor and she wouldn't prescribe me Spiro because she says it hasn't been used for a long period of time and thus, she didn't want to take the risk of me going on it just for oily skin. (i've got [B]super, super oily skin[/B]). She told me just to use blotting papers for the oiliness.
I was just on doxycycline but it (ergg) went effective a month ago (worked for around 8 months) so the minocycline is for my acne. (I have "serious" acne but not a lot of it- occasional cyst). So Yasmin has 25mg Spiro- and I read an article that it[B] settles problems with oily skin and hair[/B]...can anyone confirm this? I really am in dire need of ONE med to reduce any oil production.

So I have to stick with these meds (and I'm on tazorac cream) for 3 months! She's like don't come back the next week, you've got to try it out because it takes a while to work. But I'm thinking if in 3 months my oily skin problem (b/c I know the antibiotic will help my acne, doxy worked wonders, but will do zilch for my oiliness) isn't settled, I'm going back to ask for Spiro.

Can someone take BCP + Antibiotic + Sprio? is this safe?

I'm really hoping Yasmin will help!

Oh and one more thing: I did get a blood test, I don't know what for, but I did get one.

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