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Hey everyone,

About 2 weeks ago, I finally got the chance to get my hormones checked. The last time I had them checked was when I was 14 and my doctor said I had high levels of testosterone. 5 years later, I finally got the chance to check them again and do something about it (took so long because my family had no medical insurance and I couldn't afford to pay to see a doctor). I was so ecstatic when I was about to see my results. My doctor was very nice and was going to check for everything. However, she said something that I feared might possibly happen. She said my hormones were fine. The only thing wrong was that my cholesterol was a bit high. I checked the results and I was floored. I've been waiting so long just to see this! She could tell how upset I was and said she'd give me birth control pills to see if it would help. I just said yes (my mind went blank) and I paid for the cheap birth control pills. I don't know why I'm breaking out! If it's not hormonal, why did she give me birth control pills? My symptoms are excessive perspiration (only armpits) with body odor (never had this before until a couple of months ago), cystic acne (mostly on my neck) - have some on my back too. I have thick hairs growing on my chin (always had this), I almost never gain weight even if my diet is really unhealthy. I have very painful cramps on my first day of my period only and sometimes I get cramps for a couple of minutes even though I don't have my period (my teacher said it could be ovarian cysts). I did take progesterone cream a couple of months ago when my acne was actually clearing up. I thought I could finally clear it up with it, but it messed me up. I broke out on my neck, however, it did get rid of my cramps. I also noticed something after I stopped taking the progesterone cream. When I broke out before, I would break out a lot when I was about to get my period. When I got it, my acne completely cleared up. Now that I took the progesterone cream, I break out more near my period, but my acne doesn't really clear up as much when I did get my period. I'm just so confused :(. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks`

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