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Been suffering from severe cystic acne for nearly one-third of my life (am currently 25). Recently adopted the following diet, and the results have been remarkable.

Before I proceed, one essential piece of advice must be dropped. If you've been antibiotics, I solemnly urge you to get off of them without delay, and restore healthy populations of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract by consuming some unpasteurized sauerkraut each day. Be conscious that antibiotics, as the name connotes, destroy life. Not only do they destroy bad bacteria, they destroy good bacteria in the digestive tract. The friendly bacteria are needed for the effective digestion, assimilation, and metabolism of foods and nutrients.

If the pateint would beat acne, no more than 15% of calories should derive from carbohydrates and no more than 25% of calories should derive from proteins; the balance ought to derive from quality fats (animal fats, olive oil, cocunut oil). Do not consume vegetable oils other than extra virgin live oil; hydrogentaed oils are poison.

Carbohydrates are sugars, whether they be complex or simple, whether they derive from fruits or pastries, from rice or chocolate, from carrot juice or beer. The pancreas, the gland that is involved in the metabolism of carbs (sugars), works very hard to ensure that the blood-glucose remains stable. When sugars are ingested, the hormone insulin is released by the pancreas in order to keep the sugar levels relatively stable. Where does the surplus of sugar get stored? Well, contrary to popular opinion, the liver and muscles stores very little; the balance gets stored as fat. This is the root of so many of today's ailments, including diabetes, acne, obesity, strokes, heart disease, dental caries - in sum, the vast majority of the diseases of western civilization are caused by nothing less than indulging in sugars.

Adequate consumption of animal fats is imperative for a clear skin and good health. Don't be deceived by conventional physicians, people, and don't be deceived by standard cholesterol tests, either. Millions are being misled by the physicians and their dubious tests.

My preent diet consists of 1 litre of raw goat milk per day (there's 432 calories from fat, over half of which is saturated); 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil per day (another 120 calories from fat); 5 tablespoons of olive oil per day (600 calories from fat, the bulk of which is monosaturated); some 12 - 20 ounces of veal, beef, or organ meats per day; 3 tablespoons of raw butter per day (another 360 calories from fat); 1 teaspoon of Swedish Bitters in a glass of warm water each day before retiring; 2 - 4 raw, soft-boiled, or fried eggs per day (15 - 30 grams of high quality protein, to say nothing of an abundance of healthy cholesterol and essential trace minerals); 1 - 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar each day (used in salad dressing); 1 - 2 teaspoons of raw, unfiltered honey per day (used in salad dressing); and a heap of romaine lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers, onion, and garlic each day, with moderate amounts of beets and carrots (root vegetables are high in sugars).

Want to know how severe my acne was? The skin of my back, shoulders, and chest is replete with every type of acne scar imaginable. I suffered numerous sunburns in attempts to cover up my acne condition. This resulted in the accumulation of numerous unsightly freckles (the sun will do this; don't be deceived). Acne can be reversed; sun damage cannot. My advice is, to stay out of the sun and completely reform your diet. Limit carbs to 15 % of your total daily caloric intake, and limit protein consumption to no more than 25% of your total daily caloric intake. THE BALANCE OUGHT TO CONSIST OF QUALITY FATS, THE BULK OF WHICH SHOULD DERIVE FROM ANIMALS! AVOID PASTEURIZED AND HOMOGENZIED MILK LIKE THE PLAGUE! Don't worry too much about getting 800 mg of calcium per day; these recommendations were based on lab experiments on rats. If you can't get at raw milk, eat the bones of fish, for instance, or sesame seeds (eat the seeds after soaking them in a saline solution for several hours, and then lightly toasting them...far easier to digest this way).

People, I urge you to try this diet. Don't neglect to exercise hard for at least 30 minutes each day, until you are perspiring heavily. After the exercise, scrub your skin with a skin brush, and take a cold shower. Reform your sleeping habits; get 7 or 8 hours per night, and go to bed and arise at consistently the same hour. And when making the transition to the low-carb diet, you will likely experience profound headaches initially. This is not cause for concern: the body is learning to deal with the reduced levels of sugars and the thus the blood-insulin levels are dropping rapidly. This will produce a number of minor symptoms, which will pass in a few days.

Give the diet about one week before you make any claims as to its effectiveness. Follow the aforementioned suggestions religiously.

Watching carbs,
Convalescing Acne Victim

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