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There is a lot of anecodtal evidence that diet is related to acne. More specifically, there have been studies carried out, which show that consumption of bread, pastas etc can spike blood sugar levels and cause acne. As promtheus has highlighted these studies have been carried out by a professor called Loren Cordain. I actually e-mailed him and he replied saying that there has been another study in Australia - whereby participants followed a diet of no grains whatsover, just fruit veggies, nuts and meats and some oils - and those who completely followed the diet were COMPLETELY cured. Thus, I don't think we can rule this theory out. People are reluctant to do this diet because it involves change and sacrifice - it's much easier just to pop a pill.

I have actually been following a similar diet - I eat no grains apart from oats. And I have seen improvements (only been doing it for a few weeks) but I think if I carry on, I could be "happy" with my skin. For the first time in 7 years. But I am not denying that I find giving up all bread, pasta, rice, etc VERY difficult - but I felt I had to do it for myself - to see if there is anything in this theory - and if not? well i can go back to my old eating habits and look for another cure. But I don't think this will be the case.

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