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hi there....well if you go back through my posts you will see my awful story but i will shorten a little version here for you...

all my life until last october i had near flawless, peaches and cream skin. i always got that occasional pimple that had a life of about 1 week (that included the death of the red mark too). so my acne was pretty much non existent and makeup was foreign to me....

anyway, my face became really oily (due to my lack of estrogen in my body..i'm 21 female by the way) and so i got concerned about wiping and washing my face about 50 times a day (so horrid) my derm. at the time put me on accutane to rid the problem...well, one month went by on 40mg (i was 100lbs now 115 due to stress and my lack of exercise in the past 6 months) and in the second month she bumped me to 80mg to speed things along and all hell broke loose on my face. i developed severe nodular acne that was so bad that i had to go to a new derm for a second opinion and prednisone and cultures on my face, etc. well, my derm. didn't know what was wrong and said for me to stay on it so i did and it got worse. i developed such bad acne in all of 1 month and then stopped the pill per the other derm's firm "STOP".... the derm that perscribed it played dumb and said good riddens to me as she destroyed my face (i am suing her now for malpractice) and my new derm has been so sweet in the past 8 months or so....when i went off the accutane the bad cysts that i woke up to every morning (at least 5 or 6 every day) slowed down and eventually i just had the acne that i was used to (one here and there) but the red marks and scars are so severe that i haven't stopped crying life has been ruined and i stay inside all day everyday because i am ashamed of what happened to the past 6-8 months i have tried every topical and pill under the sun to help my problem with no positive results...i am now getting a series of 13 microdermabrasions and els to help soften scars and try to lighten some of the red marks. my cheeks are completely almost just one red blob and my chin is somewhat decent. my nose, suprisingly, is perfect (a blackhead here and there) and my forehead just gets an occasional pimple that when i pop (i know bad) goes away real fast. i don't dare pop anything on my cheeks for fear of damaging my face further. i have been so depressed and stressed that i have gained some weight (i was too thin before anyway 5'5 and 100lbs...mind you i was anorexic for 2 years from 18-20, and my weight was 83...sick)...anyway, so my face went from perfect to god awful and my old pictures just make me cry because of the damage that was caused in 1 month time, i am living a lifetime with a face i no longer love and can never be normal again (all doctors have told me that). i try to smile, but it is no use and i just cry more. so that is my story, short version....ask any questions you want...
p.s i tried to write oprah to do a show about acne and teens and adults but i never heard from her because i want to share my story and i know that accutane is great for some, but you can't just use it to try to solve a problem you think you have. my derm. was incompitant and gave it to me for oily skin (no no) but my brother had bad acne on his chin that never went away with any med. so he was put on accutane and has peaches and cream skin now 10 years later and counting. for me, it wasn't right and i should have dealt with the oily skin....i was wrong and she was too, and i have to live with it good luck to anyone that uses it and be careful and ask yourself if you are really going on it for the right reason!!

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