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Hello all,

I recently purchased Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque due to the rave reviews on this board, and I'm inquiring about a few things.

1. After using the mint julep masque for ~30 mins, I promptly washed it off. After my face was dry, I noticed that it made little, almost invisible, clear bumps surface on parts where i'm not acne prone (though, I've always felt they've been a bit clogged). I'm wondering -- does this generally go away after frequent use? Is it a one or two time thing? It's definitely not going to pursuade me against the product, though it does seem to be it's only downside (after initial inspection). Of course, I could be wrong and what it's doing is essentially getting rid of all the potential problem areas, because I could almost feel the dirt and grime being ripped from my pores...even my nose feels smooth, which is amazing considering it's always prone to those rough blackheads.

2. What frequency should I use the product? Every night? Every other night? Two times a week? Once a week? I had heard stories of it drying people's skin out -- it really didn't sting or dry my skin out, so I think I'm a good match for this product. Also, does it prevent acne like BP?

3. This is about the best product I have EVER used for post-acne inflammation symptoms. Nothing dries the zits and brings them to a head faster than this amazing product. I intend to use this product on bumps I feel forming on my skin that may become acne inflammation, as it seems to prevent huge, red, inflammed zits. Really, really, great stuff. A definite spot treatment for me.

BTW- I don't have cystic acne...Just a few red zits here and there around my mouth, cheeks, and jawline sometimes.

Also, shaving with Aveeno Theraputic Gel is amazing! Males with acne should check it out.


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