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I'm completely on your side here. You definately should want scientific proof, testimonies, pictures, etc to back up claims. Despite my doctor telling me that I was possibly Insulin Resitance and that a low carb diet would help, I thought that I didn't need to because I was already underwieght. I thought that taking the medication (avandia and spiro)alone would be enough. I was wrong...

Last summer, I came across information on this board and various places on the internet that changed my life. I started to learn to connect the dots, because unfortunately, there aren't a lot of studies out here the will SPECIFICALLY tell you. Once you learn the way the body works and the way food is processed in your system, it's easy to understand why there are so many different problematic foods, DEPENDING on the INDIVIDUAL. IT's easy to understand why one person needs to give up spicy foods, another fruits, someone else processed foods, Milk, soy, Trans Fats, simple carbs, wheat, or all grains.

Of course, none of what I just said matters to you, but I promise you that if you were to research each of these you would see how it can affect SOME people negatively. If you did some searching on this board you would find something that I posted about Insulin Resistance and Puberty. Yup, WE ALL have Insulin Resistance during puberty which explains why as teenagers we broke out, became overwieght, etc. Since we don't ALL get the SAME symptoms (external or internal), that right there is what makes people feel comfortable to ignore the truth and allows one to live in a state of denial.

That state of denial will one day come back to haunt these very same people. Heart disease, obesity, Diabetes, arthritis, cancers, etc are on the rise and people don't seem to understand that if they had done the "right" things when they were younger they could have reduced or ELIMINATED these problems. For instance, did you know that Insulin Resistance is not only genetic but can also be passed on if the Mother is in an state of Insulin Resitance during pregnancy? Perhaps that's why some kids have terrible problems that their parents didn't have. Of course, the research wasn't there 50 or even 30 years ago, but it is here NOW! So in terms of diet, that right there is the reason we should be getting the Willett's Food Pyramid in 2004. Finally, they admitted the first one wasn't based on much scientic research and is the reason for increased obesity and Diabetes rates.

However, I'm not saying that we should all follow a strict diet. Some people can get away with medications. I don't know how that will affect their future health, but it sometimes is enough to stop the acne. Others require a combination of medication/supplements and diet. While others can do it 100% through diet. I currently happen to be a combination girl (Spiro and Gluten free diet), but I've yet to drop all grains from my diet (wheat is a HUGE problem for most of us). If grains are the problem, people who drop ALL grains from their diet clear 100%, whereas others like myself acheive 95% - 99% clarity on a Low Grain Diet. Still MUCH MUCH better than I've ever had during the past 16 years with acne.

I can even break down all the popular acne topicals, medications, and supplements and explain how they also play their role in Insulin Resitance, Allergy/Intolerances and/or Hormonal Imbalance. The exceptions here are antibiotics and accutane. Antibiotics work to decrease inflammation while killing all bacteria (good and bad) and some actually increase male hormones that cause acne (like minocycline). This may indeed be why some of us ended up having terrible breakous once we went off the antibiotics.

As for the accutane, I actually goofed on my Accutane post [url=""][/url] , for it temporarily INCREASES insulin resistance, but at the same time it manages to prevent DHT conversion in the sebaceous glands. They still don't know HOW that works...

I've got so many different types of posts on Hormones and Acne treament scattered around here that I could go on and on and on, but definately check out Pubmed and other medical databases and just do some searches on this board for accepted Links, and read some nutritonal, natural health, and hormonal balance books and it will come together. I really wish that I could break it all down for you but I don't have that time, nor all the answers (who does?). Perhaps we all could work together on that...

Nighty night

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