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My rant before the question. I apologize, but there's no one who's going to read the rant if the question is first!

I don't have a picking problem. Really. I just sometimes squeeze those white ones that no concealer could possibly take care of. And those really big spots that could be big, or might not be, but Lord do they hurt like bloody hell. And those little odd clogged pores too, of course. And the red ones that you just KNOW are going to stay forever if you don't.

My knowing denial (is that possible?) of picking began because of my denial of a skin problem. I smiled gleefully when I saw other kids with problems. Hey, that wasn't me! I was in the clear! I looked good...until one day, a red dot. And then another. Naturally, the skin problem started the instant I started actually caring about how I looked. Aren't raging adolescent hormones a blessing? Of course, I was in flagrant denial of this. I soon discovered that the red dots spewed something absolutely disgusting and repulsive, yet strangely fascinating. Plus, if the white part wasn't there, I could just blame it on "sensitive skin". Yeah. Right. I found out (much too late) that once I "took care" of a "problem" in one part of my face, that part of my face became a problem area, permanently. And it turns into way, way more than a mere red spot. It shows up very nicely on my whiter-than-white, Ashkenazi Jewish skin, too. So starts the cycle...and as I have read many of your posts, I'm certain I have many commiserators.

This is old, boring, familiar news to most of you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here! Because sites like this are a necessary evil, like lawyers and the Senate. They wouldn't exist if there weren't problems already.

So to the maybe less boring point: anyone know if it's ok to put on an all-night facial mask after differin? I have no expectation of the mask helping at all. My thought process is as such: I can't see the bloody things, I can't possibly pick them, my skin goes back to pre-adolescent clearness. I tried using those nifty little skin patches for a while, also not because I thought they would work - just to stop me from picking. Unfortunately, they put holes in my skin. I figured that wasn't helping my situation. Any mask that works?

OK, I lied, another question, totally unrelated. My T-Zone is completely clear, and it stays that way. I know it's common to have problems on your chin, yet those are rarely ever a problem for me. Does anyone else only have the problem on their cheeks? Isn't that supposed to be the most normal part of the face? Is there any reason for this? I know that the different parts of the face are supposed to break out for different reasons, so maybe I'm going about treating it the wrong way. Any ideas?

Thank you so much for any help. Lord knows I need it. And your patience in reading this - I tend write long posts!

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