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hey guys, im new here. I had very oily skin and a result got bad acne. I was on roaccutane for 8 months and as per alot of people got side effects. However, mine were a bit more unusual than what most people who are on the drug experience. I did have dry lips but also I noticed that my skin was very sensitive to light. For example, when i woke up in the morning my skin was its normal colour, but when I would go out into the sun, I noticed it would become very red and could see all these residual marks. Ive now finished my course and have been off it for 1 and a half months. my skin is pretty good. I have these pocks and residual marks on my forehead but I think they are starting to fade. There is still a fair bit of when i smile my face still goes red..I dont know how long the redness will last. Does any one know how long redness should last after uve finished the course and what I should do about it?

Also ive noticed that my im starting these small red lumps near my jaw-line and the lower part of my chin. Over the last week ive been getting one a day. I think they are pimples although im not quite sure. Heres why. Previously my skin was extremely oily but only on my forehead, chin and nose and thats where my acne would occurr (when i went on roaccutane, the flair up cause it to spread to my cheeks but it cleared up fairly well with no residual marks). My chin, forehead and nose is still oily but not nearly as oily as it was before my roaccutane course. My cheeks arent oily at the skin there is as normal as the skin on my arms or my legs or any other part of my body. Furthermorewithout being arrogant I think I take excellent care of my skin. I wash my face with soap every morning and night with sapoderm and when my skin becomes too dry I stop using it for a few days and use a Pears soap thats hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. I drink plenty of water, i eat a diet of alot of fresh fruit and stay away from fatty foods and I exercise every day. Yet im get these small red lumps. Any ideas? thanks

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