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Hi there, I would really appreciate any advice anyone could give me on this...

I didn't really have a skin regimen before, but I started getting some cystic acne on my chin so I tried Proactiv. It's now a week later and my skin is red, peeling, and irritated so I think my skin is too sensitive to handle the benzoyl peroxide in it, therefore I decided to try a skin regimen involving salycic acid which I heard is milder. This is what I am thinking of trying (I've used most of these products before and loved how they made my skin feel but have not used them daily before):


Biore ice cleanser
Biore pore-unclogging scrub
Biore astringent toner
Biore shine control moisturizer

Biore Cleansing Cloths to remove make-up


Biore ice cleanser
Biore warming anti-blackhead cleaner
Biore astringent toner
Oil of Olay moisturizer

Biore pore strips

For cysts, I will apply Clindoxyl (which is 5% benzoyl peroxide) which seemed to work very well on them.


Am I using too many products or "overwashing" my face? If so, what should I cut down?

Is it okay to start this regimen after being on Proactiv which has benzoyl peroxide, or should I wait a week inbetween to let me skin recover from the irritation?

Any suggestions for deep-cleansing face masks? I actually really like the Proactiv face mask but I heard it is aggravating to use sulphur combind with salycic acid.

Also, is it a bad idea to use the Clindoxyl which contains benzoyl peroxide with Biore which contains salycic acid? I have read in some places that the combination will irritate your skin.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!

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