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I've lurked through the other threads in this board, and I didn't see much about what I have.

So it began when I was.. well, maybe around the age of 7 or 8? After I went swimming with my neighbour's in their pool often, I started getting these white bumps on my arms, and on the tops/sides on my thighs. They wern't so bad to begin with, so I just didn't think much of them. But then they started getting more raised, and gradually becoming red. (Only sometimes they get red; usually if irritated or after I get out of the shower.) They span down my arms the whole length, and on the back of my arms. As for my thighs, they only go to about the knee, and stop. (not on the back of my legs, either.)

I'm 15 now, and they haven't let up in the 8 years of dealing with them. I've been to two dermatologists in the past. One told me I wasn't washing my body (uhm, alright? >__>) and the second I went to recommended that I use [I]Glytone[/I], a body wash and lotion deal. The [I]Glytone[/I] hasn't done me much justice, as I still have said bumps. They're on my face, but not much. Just a few bumps here and there, that aren't raised/red. They're not itchy, either, but they do cause me to have really dry skin, even after I use lotion.
I'm really stumped as to what to do, or what these could be possibly called (if anything.)
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you~

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