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There is a huge difference in types of birth control and it is very important to be on the right one for your body. Generally, it helps women with acne to go on a birth control that is higher in estrogen and lower in androgens and progestin. (You can do an internet search on "which birth control is right for me?" Its a very informative website)

I am on Ovcon 35 which has helped a lot over the last year. Yasmin has a chemical that significantly lowers androgens (which is what spironolactone does) but it is not as high in estrogen. I am thinking of switching to Yasmin because my insurance doesn't cover Ovcon 35.

Also, people talk about Diane, which seems to be pretty effective but I dont know how safe it is and whether it is even perscribed in the US.

And some people also mention Ortho Tri Cyclin but it didn't work for me.

You can take Spironolactone at the same time as a birth control. I'm interested in it if my acne doesn't improve much.. My last derm said that it doesn't really work for acne but many people on these boards say otherwise.

Good luck and remember it takes several months to see results.

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