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Hello everyone, I am new here but will probably stick around until I am happy with my skin. I have suffered from acne since I was about 11 years old and have had it moderately to severely then back to moderate again. My face is not the only problem anymore, however. The last couple years the virus has spread to my shoulders, back and chest and is very ugly. I have used many creams/oral prescriptions but everything has done nothing. I have done home remedies, pro-active- ice-cubes, tooth-paste with little to no effect.

From reading this board I have decided to try to B5 Vitamin method... I have read a book where B5, VE, B6 and Acidopholus is lacking from our diets. This is Day 2 where I have supplemented these vitamins into my diet. Btw I am 18 years of age now.

My questions are:

1) Those who have found B5 treatments successful... how long has your skin been clear.. and has it come back?

2) Does B5 work also on back/chest/shoulder acne? (reason I ask is someone claimed Accutane is the only thing that can cure non-face acne) but I dont understand why exactly.

3) Another product that interested me is Aloe Vera, especially the gel. Who has used this and did it work well? How was your acne when you started to use it?

Thanks to all who read/replied.

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