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HI i am 26 and live in the uk. Am i the only person who stopped going out and seeing friends because of being too embarrassed about acne?
No, you're not the only one. I thought I was the only one! There are probably tons of others out there too. I stopped going out about 2.5 years ago ( I step out once in a blue moon) that's when I started doing tons of research of my condition and how to help it with diet and such. I haven't lost all my friends exactly, I just told a huge lie that might make my life worse in the future. I said I moved to another country to pursue my dream job lol. I didn't want to lose them because I know that some day I will get better. I'll have to deal with my lie when the time comes. Acne has completely messed up my life...
Hello. My name is Rodney and i live in USA, California. I have acne pretty bad on my chest and back. Not so much on my face. I used proactive and so forth. Nothing really worked. I started going in the sun in my back yard. The acne seem to start clearing up. I suggest go out in your back yard or somewhere around your house and sit out. and tan for an hour every other day. Or go to a skin doctor. I forget what they're called. I'm sure there are solutions. Acne shouldn't rune your life, that's a bunch of crock. I'm sorry if it's that bad. I've also had egazma and after i got a sunburn and went to a camp and just barred the embarresment from my acne/egzama. It actually started getting better. I think the acne deals with stress and the sun. I really hope this helps you.

Sincerely Rodney.
You should't be embarrased to go out!! Don't let acne stop your life. What kind of skincare regime do you use? That has alot to do with your acne flair ups.
Oh me too, I've had the worst problem with acne forever! I don't have any friends at all and a lot of the reason is because of my acne, I just feel disgusting when people look at me. I'm now trying to drink tons of water and find a solution. Gosh, people who have clear skin are so lucky!
acne shouldn't have the power to rule your life, though unfortunately we let it. see your dermatologist and definitely consider going on antibiotics or accutane(i just wrote a thread about my experience). i used to be in your shoes, self conscious and hating my face, but i'm on the road to clear skin and you deserve to be too. DON'T GIVE UP! the fight is worth it, believe me.

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