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My skin gets oily so quickly like i have to adsorb them every half an hour.

and over the years of being plagued by acne, i somehow noticed that it's when my skin gets oily, acne visits more. (alright, i know the link between oil blocks pores and acne)
when i was on accutane, not only my skin clear-up completely but i dont see shiny on my face anymore.

a fews weeks ago, i thought i had acne under control so i dropped accutane, and the oily stuff get back. acne popped back too.

anyone know any suggestion on controlling oil on skin. my derm gave me this called 'hostamycine' (blue/green capsule) which suppose to control oil but so far i havent see any improvement. i search thru net but havent came across this drug either.

i also think of getting back on accutane but will second take on accutane cause yet another initial breakout?

thanks. any reply is aprreciated
I was once on accutane, but as i remember it was for a prescribed amount of time not just until acne cleared up. I was accutane for serveral months after my acne cleared and for a while i swore my skin was still bad even after it. If you compare your skin post&pre accutane it's easy to tell the difference. My advice would be to drink PLENTY of water because that is actually one of the best things for your skin and try to use oil pads, wash your face, etc. after being exposed to the sun or sweating for a while. If you wash your face too much and care for it as much as possibly you are actually more prone to have acne. Don't overdo it and just listen to your body. Hope it works out cuz i know things can get rough sometimes with acne and accutane. best of luck to you though
thanks for the reply pal.
my derm say i could get on accutane again if i prefer.
and i do drink lots of water like 4.5 littre a day. eat healthily and exercise.
once another derm told me my face was too dry, that's why it produced oil to moisturise the skin. when i apply moisturiser, i got breakout.
how long were you on the first course? It sounds like you need to try some other moisturizers.. my oily skin has gotten better since I started using moisturizer regularly. Make sure it's oil-free and non-scented moisturizer.
my first accutane lasted one year. it's been 6 weeks since i stopped.
i've been using johnson&johnson clean&clear moisturizer, but stopped now coz i'm using cream suggested by my derm.
the last moisturizer that have cause me big breakout were the one from dermalogica. sucks

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