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Have you ever thought of having a colon/liver and kidney cleanse? Instead of Accutane, follow what's on here...
I personally have little bumps all over my face (I guess they're whiteheads) - many people say they are not a big deal however 2 girls I know said that I would look better with very smooth skin. I didn't even think it was an issue til one of them kept going on about how my skin isn't smooth -think she has issues though (she has had acne for years - genetic issue).I try not to think about it, but sometimes I wonder what it would belike to have extra silky smooth skin...hmmm (working on that)

One girl I know has begun detoxing with herbal teas and eats just fruits and vegetables - doesn't eat much bread, rice and does not take any milk products. She doesn't have any major pimples now and her skin has improved. Care to try?

Another great thing is WATER!! DRINK IT til it fills you so much that you pee all day! It's crazy, but it does help in detoxing the body!

I have a deep suspicion that acne is due to toxins and hormonal imbalances. Threrefore, to get rid of toxins, you need to exercise alot, drink water, sweat, steam your face 2-3x weekly, use face masks which absorb impurities, get colon cleanses, eat alot more fiber, detox properly ( REMOVED ) and then, I really think you will see changes!

Alnother thing, what are u eating? You might be eating properly, but is it organic?? Do you live in the city? Non-organic foods and living in the city can cause you the acne!

As for hormone balancing - I've heard that fish oils (EFAs) and castus agnus are good.

Avoid drugs and reduce the number of chemicals you put into your body and on your body - believe all this will make a change.

Last of all..stop focussing on how bad your skin is and focus on how good it will be and how you're applying things which are making your skin better. I think we are partly responsible for the state of our skin - on a mental level.
"As a man thinketh, so is he...."

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