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Re: Makeup and acne
Jul 20, 2007
I suffered from acne for years. I was hoping I would grow out of it, but once I hit mid twenties I started getting doubtful of that happening. I use to get very large & sometimes painful breakouts especially around my mouth. Through years of trial and error I finally found something that works. I no longer get any monster breakouts, just occasionaly a few tiny pumps that are barely noticable. First thing I did was stopped drinking milk completely. This alone made a MAJOR difference for me. Then I would wash my face with the antibacterial wash, the stuff they sell for hands, and use any brand of pads as an estringent as long as it had an acne fighting agent like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Then I changed my foundation to Loreal Bare Naturalle. (Its a cheaper version of bare essentials) I would also use Queen Helene mint julip mask when I could, or another weekly acne fighting treatment that was good for exfoliating. I also keep a stash of minocycline in case of flare ups, but don't take it on a regular basis...just occasionally when needed.

I realize you were just asking about make up, but I thought I would share my regime anyways. I know how exhausting it can be, and it really has worked wonders for me, so I figured throw it out there...maybe it will help someone else too... : )

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