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I have done three chemical peels in the past and have just started afourth last week. I am not sure they help with the oily skin when you are done. The drying oil in my stage 1 does limit sebum production during the process. Its cutan' oil by Nelly Devyrst (sp) Thats why I am doing yet another one. Don't waste your money (like I did before) doing it if you are not prepared to cleanse your body and take greater control of your acne. I am now doing a liver and colon cleanse regiment at the same time. Also I've stopped taking the antibiotics my derma gave me. I don't know if thats the solution but I can only experiment huh? Chemical peels are great but YES..VERY PAINFUL and the peeling process is even more embarassing than the scars BUT think about what you'll discover under all that peeling mess! How deep are your scars? If they are very deep it may take several layers of peeling to get rid of the scars. And remember Maintain, Maintain, Maintain. So after the peel you must get facials on a regular basis. Hope this helps.
P.S. My peels are on my back/arms/chest. Very expensive!

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