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Hi there--

I'm sorry you've had such a hard time with acne-- several members of my family have had the same issues throughout their life, and I can only imagine how they've felt inside.

There is nothing to be embarassed about wanting to try anything to get rid of the acne! ESPECIALLY if it causes you to stay in and forgo a social life--which is crucial to one's well-being.

Something that popped into my mind reading your post is mineral makeup. Bare Essentuals mineral makeup is super natural, so easy to find the right shade, and it is really hard to tell when someone is wearing it, unlike liquid makeup. You may even be able to just tell online what color you'd need, and i know that if you get the starter kit, they give you two different shades. Pretty hard to goof. I'm sure there are other great brands, but this is what I use, and its also really gentle and natural for your skin. You definately want something made for sensitive skin. It also acts as a natural sun block since it has zinc oxide as one of the minerals, which I know is important for those with acne, and especially if you take Accutane.

Be gentle to your skin. Drink lots of water. You might want to look into different teas that help cleanse and detox your body. I mention this becasue I know the liver has a lot to do with the health of the skin, and often times when we get acne, it means our livers arent functioning optimally and breaking down all the hormones and toxins in our bodies fully. Especially if you have a history of taking many medications as well. This can really tax the body, and specifically the liver. There are many conditions which are commonly treated with medication upon medication, when our bodies are built to heal many conditions themselves.

I've taken meds for acne in the past as well, including birth control (which is supposed to be like the gold standard of treating almost any female problem) but it wasnt until I started paying attention to the food and drugs I put into my body that my skin started to clear up. I know Accutane is considered the A-bomb of all acne drugs, and women now have to be on at least two forms of birth control while on it, as it causes such aweful defects on a fetus. What does that say for the rest of the body?? I dont mean to sound preachy, but just pay a little mind to your friend the liver. In addition to your dermatologist (as I dont recommend completely ignoring the medical community), it may really benefit you to look into seeing a natural/ holistic M.D. or herbalist as well, as these doctors look at many aspects of your health and well-being simultaneously to find the best treatment. Obviously you'd let them know what drugs you're on, and let your derm know what supplements/herbal treatments you take, since there can be interactions.

I wish you well in finding help for your acne...i know how severely it can affect one's life. And just remember, too, most people dont notice it nearly as much as you do!

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