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This message is for poreoilyme. You seem to be the veteran on B5 use and I find it appropriate to ask you questions that are lingering on my mind. I have been pondering on whether I should use this treatment or not. Iím looking at purchasing the Acnemiracle powder form with B5 gel. Itís frustrating that their online store is under construction right now, I wonder if its available over the counter. Iím here in the Philippines and Iím just gonna ask my boyfriend to purchase it for me there in USA (and besides I donít have a credit card.). My acne which has worsened after I had hormonal imbalance is stressing me a lot lately. But so are the horror stories that Iíve been reading on the message forums. Based from your personal experience, please answer these questions:

1. What adverse reaction/side effect have you experienced from your B5 treatment especially during the high dose (10g) period? Iím especially concerned on weight and hair loss reported by some of the users. I definitely donít wanna loss any weight, and more so with my hair! My boyfriend always tells me never to change these two things in me. However, my skin is really giving me so much insecurity because he has a flawless skin. :-/ On the other hand, I read in some forums that they experienced the other way around, i.e. they gained weight. Iím really at a loss which is real.
2. Did you ever feel the side effects reported by some of the people here like fatigue, headaches, nausea, etc?
3. Exactly what b-complex supplements or other vitamins are you taking? Whatís the brand?
4. When you say drink tons of water everyday, how much is that? Like how many glasses?
5. For very, very light acne (which I used to have before), how much maintenance dosage do you recommend?
6. Acnemiracle has 50mg zinc with it, is this good or bad?
7. Can you exactly give me the times when you drank your dose during your 10g period? Thatís 2 months right? And is it before or after meals?

Thanks a lot, poreoilyme! I really wish you can answer these questions swiftly! Iím also considering topical medications but Iíve read acnemiracleís site and their report on topical medications (how they can be resistant or ineffective after youíve used them so many times) is discouraging. MORE B5 POWER!!!


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