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Im an 18 year old guy. I dont have any zits on my face. Come to think of it, i've never really had a serious pimple on my face. Im a really attractive guy. Girls are always complimenting me on my face and how its amazingly flawless, not one mark. When i hear this, i laugh on the inside, the irony of it all. For the past 3 years, i've had acne....Acne on the back and chest that is. I have pretty extensive hyperpigmentation covering those entire areas. WHen i go out, i prefer to wear tightly collared t-shirts or dress shirts. Whenever im walking around im always fidgeting and pulling my shirt up to cover up my lower neck/upper back. Its funny, alot of people talk about acne and how its horrible to walk outside and be seen with their face. At least you know that its in the open, people know. Its horrible keeping a secret as bad as this when you have the appearance of someone else. Blemishes and marks hidden from view are always the worst, they're the ones that always keep you aware, on your toes...hoping to god no one ever finds out. I feel as though, i could've conquered the world if it wasnt for my acne. Countless girls have kept asking me out. But i've never gone steady in fear that once i get close, they'll realize mr.perfect is nothing but a fake.

anyone have a situation like this? It'd be nice to connect with someone who has a similar problem

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