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I am new to this forum, but I have read a lot of the old posts and found a lot of good information.

I have just finished week five with 0.1% Tazorac cream. I have very oily skin and moderate but persistant acne which is a combination of pustules and cysts. I had never had comedones or papules until I started Tazorac. This has been my experience so far:

Week One: Dried my face out right away. Oil disappeared. No new breakouts all week.

Week Two: Still dry, with a fair amount of peeling and flaking. Had to start using a heavy-duty moisturizer on my face (which I have always been reluctant to do - I don't care if the say noncomedogenic, it still feels greasy and I can't see how it wouldn't trap some oil in your pores). I use Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair. It really helped clear up the flakiness. I started using it both at night and in the morning, but after a few days I only needed it once a day. In terms of acne, I had some mild pustules this week, but they were all the kind that went away very quickly and were hardly noticeable.

Week Three: Dryness continued, but manageable. Breakouts gradually getting worse. I now have numerous blackheads and whiteheads, especially on my forehead and cheeks, both of which tend to be acne free areas for me - I usually break out on my chin, cheeks, and temples.

Week Four: Basically identical to week three, except that I got my first cyst since starting the Tazorac - it was on my right cheek.

Week Five: Almost overnight, the oil has returned. My skin is now as oily as ever. I no longer have to use moisturizer at all. One night, as an experiment, I used twice as much Tazorac as recommended and I still woke up with an oily face with no dryness. This was by far the worst week in terms of breakouts. I got another cyst on the other cheek, as well as one above my right eyebrow. Today I got two more small cysts on the side of my upper chin.

So, that's my experience so far. I'm wondering what others' experiences with Tazorac have been like. How long were your breakout periods? Did it eventually subside? I have read some other posts that people's skin got oily after using Tazorac. Did it eventually subside? I have read that the breakout period for Retin-A is usually from week three through week six. My doctor told me that Tazorac's breakout period should be over by the end of the first month. I am going to give it another week, which will be six weeks, and then go back if things haven't gotten better. I am also going to go back to using my old BP cleanser since my face is oily enough now that I am no longer concerned with overdrying it. I will see if that makes a difference. I will keep you updated on the progress, and would love to hear others experiences with Tazorac.

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