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Just wondered about the peeps on here who are taking B5 suppliments....Where did you all get this information on B5 and are you just buying vitamin suppliments over the counter at a local health store? I'm not entirely certain that is the safe way to go - if your not doing it under doctors supervision.

Has anyone out here tried Nifol or Nicamide tablets besides me? This is by prescription and contains Zinc (Studies show people with acne have been sighted as having significantly lower serum zinc leavels than in healthy individuals) Folic Acid (which helps cellular DNA synthesis. If people are deficient in Folic Acid, they tend to have inflammatory disorders A.K.A. acne)and Nicotinamide which is a water soluble component of the VITAMIN B complex group. (Nicotinamide has demonstrated anti-inflammatory actions which benefits acne patients - it blocks the inflammatory actions of iodides that are known to exacerbate inflammatory acne)

I heard about this stuff from my doctor after trying several oral antibiotics that weren't working well enough and before trying accutane as a last resort. It got rid of all the red flush in my face and I don't break out nearly as bad as I used to. (a couple of zits around period time as opposed to cyst like ones all over my face) An additional plus is that it makes my nails grow really good without the usual breakage problems I used to have - and it might be helpful with those who are loosing hair.

Of course, now I'm taking Yasmin because you can't get pregnant while on Niafol tablets - it can be harmful to the fetus so I needed birth control. I have a minor break out on my chin on day 11 of the Yasmin pack but I think it would've been worse if I wasn't also taking these vitamins.

I'm just thinking that if this is a vitamin B suppliment, perhaps it's worth others trying. I'd really like to know if it works for anyone else besides me.

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