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Egg Yolk Mask
Jan 23, 2003
Ive been using it for about 4 days now and my skin looks good,the red marks are faded and i dont have the puss filled (eeeww) in the morning.
Re: Egg Yolk Mask
Jan 24, 2003
I've been using the egg yolk mask for about 4 days now and I've had nothing but positive results, but I've been applying pure (99.9%) Aloe Vera Gel afterwards and really rubbing it into the skin. I'm not sure which ones working but I've been using them both in conjunction and my skin looks good. When I use the egg mask I try to leave it on for at least 50mins so it really absorbs into the skin and once I've washed it off my skin feels kinda dry so (I have combination skin) I apply Aloe Vera Gel. I only do this at night, I don't wash my face in the morning. As for people claiming this regime doesn't work I disagree. I think everyones skin is different and there could have been a logical reason why they broke out whiles't doing it i.e: hormones, food, allergy etc. I use to eat certain things and inspect my skin 10mins later to see if spots were appearing and if I saw one I immediately convinced myself I was allergic to it or it caused outbreaks. Basically we're all clutching at straws trying hard to find something that works but not giving it time to. I stopped using all cleansing/cleaning products and my skin is much better for it, who ever said we needed it anyway..dermatologist's? They know a lot, that's why we still have spots. If they knew what they were talking about we wouldn't have this problem and you wouldn't have 'Initial Breakouts'. I think whatever the cure is out there it will be derived from something natural i.e: eggs/aloe vera etc.

I hope some of this helps and good luck to everyone with what there using I don't think anyone deserves to have acne as it gives your confidence a battering but on a positive note things will get better.

Re: Egg Yolk Mask
Jan 24, 2003
I think what they were referring to is a LARGE NUMBER of people had tried the egg yolk mask. The thread (if you look back through the threads) carried on almost for a full year with varying people posting their results. Most (I think all except for 2) reported the same thing, -- that for the first few MONTHS it worked like a miracle, cleared their skin up, and they thought they found a great cure. And then, AFTER a few months, they broke out worse than ever before.

Some suggestions were made, contemplating pore-clogging as a possible explanation as to this breakouts occuring so far down the line.

I had written back that if that were the case, an option might be to use a scrub, such as microbead or apricot kernal scrub, AFTER the egg yolk mask, just to make real sure that you've truly unclogged any pores, if indeed that is what's happening.

You've only been at it for a week, -- the other posters stated it took a few MONTHS before they began to show any sign of reversal of progress. Just like you, they got great results up front.

I agree that we all have different skin, and we can all react differently to drugs, medications, or egg yolk masks...there are many variables to consider.

Just be aware, and you may be interested in reading the previous thread.

Life isn't what [i]happens to you[/i] -- it's how you [i]react to it![/i]
Re: Egg Yolk Mask
Jan 27, 2003
Merrida- I think I kinda agree with you. I know what you all mean by the egg yolk mask breaking you out. On Saturday I got a really bad breakout probably one of the worst and I'm still dealing with the after effects. My face feels like it practically covered in spots (it's not) and now I'm just gonna leave my skin alone. I'm gonna try hard to not pick at the spots, just gonna try and let it heal on it's own. It's real hard though because if you only had to deal with the same spots on your face knowing that no new ones would appear you could do it but things don't work like that. I still don't get it. I didn't get spots till I was 17yrs old. Never used to have one blemish/spot and I never even knew what 'ACNE' was. I can't even remember when I first started getting them. People make a big thing about it now cause they were so used to me having clear skin and people used to comment that I had a good complexion. Thinking back I never used anything, never gave a second thought to my face now I can't go an hour without inspecting my skin, analysing it, trying to figure out where the next spot will appear. I'm getting fed up with this s**t. From reading this message board I've read people say that there 30yrs+ and there still battling acne and all the stuff they wished they'd done. I guess I don't want to be one of those poeple. From today I'm not gonna pick at my spots, just gonna try and leave it a week to see if it makes any difference. Thanks for your advice though.

Re: Egg Yolk Mask
Aug 9, 2003
OMG!! I got so lucky!

Yesterday, I did a search and read this REALLLLY long thread about the egg yolk mask. Since it was sooo long, I stopped reading after a few pages. The first few pages were amazingly positive! the egg yolk mask sounds like a miracle cure for nasty skin. I was sooo tempted to go get an egg right then and there and put it on my face, but since I'm on accutane and my doc said not to put anything on my face, I decided to wait. But you have no idea how tempted I was. And even when I woke up this morning, I sort of regretted wasting a whole night just sleeping when I could've done the mask. Since I'm obsessed with my skin, I came on this board almost as soon as I got up. Well, I don't remember what I did, but I came upon this topic and read that it actually had REALLLYY BAD effects after a while. So, I went back to finish the thread from yesterday, and BOY! am I glad I didn't do the mask yesterday. WHEW!!!

Lesson learned: Patience is a virtue. And always finish every thread before trying anything new.

(Too bad I'm naturally an impatient person. sigh.)
Re: Egg Yolk Mask
Aug 9, 2003
[quote]Originally posted by Merrida:
[b]that for the first few MONTHS [/b][/quote]

The mask is mis-used and over-used.

It is only supposed to be used for one month,
once a day for 5-10 minutes only until it is dry
and for people with dry skin.

The egg white mask is for people with oily skin.

The egg should not be used for "months" and some
people were leaving it on overnight. It should be
washed off completely.

I never had a "film" or a breakout from this mask
and I only used it once a day for thirty days.

I think it is like every other remedy, of any kind,
whether products or drugs, there are side effects and
people who get worse and that those who succeed move on
and the others stay on the board to say how awful it was.

I've been here a long time, since the old boards,
and I've seen tons of people get clear and leave
when they found their right cure and others struggle
with that same cure, whether it's accutane or topicals
or products. Tons of people who got better on proactive or bp and others who got burned or worse.

Some who get better on diet and others for whom it has
no effect.

Everybody has to find what's right for them. Egg worked for me.

[quote]This is the Ann Landers column from 12/01/92:

[i]Dear Ann Landers: In 1969, I started my first year as a university student. Soon after, I developed a severe case of acne, and I am sure stress had a lot to do with it. I went to three doctors and spent hundreds of dollars on medicine that did not work.

The summer of 1970, I went to lunch with a friend at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., and while in the ladies' room, a beautiful East Indian woman wearing a sari gave me a smile. When I responded, she touched my face and said, "Oh, no. Red ugly spots on pretty face. You fix with egg yolk." I said, "Are you serious? Do you think it would really help?"

She replied, "Yes, you put raw egg yolk on face and let dry for 10 minutes, then wash off. Do every day for one month and spots go away. You do again two times in every month for three months and again if trouble starts."

I was unconvinced but thanked her anyway. That night I decided I had very little to lose since the acne was terrible and nothing else had worked. Well, Ann, that woman knew what she was talking about. Since then, I've told several friends about the egg-yolk cure and the success rate has been phenomenal. Please tell your readers. They'll be forever grateful.


Ann Landers' reply:

I faxed your letter to Dr. Mary Ellen Brademas, a superb dermatologist in New York, and this is her response:

For many years, topical applications of Vitamin A have been prescribed by physicians as a treatment for acne. Because egg yolks are an excellent source of Vitamin A, it is not surprising that raw egg yolks improve acne lesions. It is interesting that the writer's lesions appeared after periods of stress. Stress can make acne worse and can also worsen other conditions such as ulcers and psoriasis.

In any case, sometimes there is a simple scientific basis for success in home remedies.[/i]
(End of Ann Landers Column)[/quote]

Re: Egg Yolk Mask
Aug 9, 2003
I tried the egg yolk for a month and I had bumps all over my face after doing it. I also noticed that I had egg yolk in my pores that I couldn't get out. I stopped using it because it made my skin so much worse. I thought it was just me until a while back I read the other thread on the egg yolk mask and many people had the same results that I did. I would stay away from it.

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