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Acne on your BUTT
Aug 24, 2007
My wife would kill me if she knew I was posting this BUT ever since I can remember she has ALWAYS broke out on her BUTT with small acne, big acne and like bioils that are just full of clear liquid. This is all over her butt too! She is such a gorgeous woman and wants to weak a G-String/bikini but has just been too embarrassed.

Has anyone ever had this before? If so, what did you use to get rid of it. She is even too embarrassed to tell her dermatologist.
Ok it took me a long time to answer this, which is mean because i think i do have the answer, I used to get exactly the same thing, just to make sure...
- There were regular sized pimples
- There were also some big boils that would get red, painful and would hurt terribly if i tried to pop them, and even if did there was this transparent liquid, then blood and then it would be purple for like a week!
- It made sitting a pain in the ***

So the treatment i followed (you obviously have to ask a doctor) was this:

1. [B]Work the infections[/B]: As you probably know anything red, warm or purple on our skin is probably infected, so before treating the problem, you have to make sure all the bacteriae goes away. I did this with two weeks of antibiotics ([B]erythromycin[/B])
2. [B]THen you tackle the pimples[/B], which will be a lot smaller and not as painful. I did this with a special oinment that became one of my dearest friends, the active ingredient is [B]tretinoin[/B]. Mind you, your wife will have to be careful with it, it's strong and i remember it actually ruined my favourite panties! (it's apparently very acidic, and does something with the colour of the clothes). She will have to be very methoodic, for she will have to do it every day, and i bet she won't mind since the results are obvious from day one.
3. [B]When the thingies are gone[/B], she will have to put it on still for the rest of her life, at least twice a week(I do it three times, 4 in summer and I wait like 15 minutes til it's all absorbed before i get dressed.
4. [B]When you get...intimate[/B], try to do it at night or just not when she has just put in on, because first: there's more chance it will be rubbed off, and second, it doesn't taste or smell that's oinment! (I say this because my bf likes to bite, and it can get quite un-sexy!):eek:

I REALLY REALLY hope it helps, I mean it was terrible having it, it hurt and looked terrible...and i couldn't believe it when i saw this was working, i was about to abandon all hope...! And now i can happily go to the beach wearing cute bikinis!

*A quick note: make sure she does not touch them again, if she eventually gets another boil (not very likely) or a pimple (could happen) she should not pop them! even if she has just washed her hands, chances are she's got millions of microorganisms in her nails, so she should leave her skin alone and it won't get upset!

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