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I found a product called MaMa Lotion which has many great reviews on how its has helped people's acne scarring, oiliness, and hyperpigmentation. I'm going to order it. Has anyone else heard of it?
I wanted to give an update from my first entry.
I ordered the MaMa lotion and recieved it about 4 days ago. Even after 4 days of using it, I'm starting to see results. My skin is getting smoother and the hyperpigmentation marks from acne are fading. I really do think this lotion works better that the Retin a I've been using.
Seems to claim to do the same thing as my favorite- Obagi Nu Derm clear.

But with this mama lotion i read it has a ton of 'cons,' alot of people were complaining about flakey, raw, and dry skin - which you DON`T get with Obagi.

However, If this is cheaper than Obagi I will give this a try.
[QUOTE=TinkerBelle81;3219355]this was prescribed to me by a dermatologist for my extremely oily skin. it helped a lot in controlling my oily skin but it gave me acne so i stopped using it.[/QUOTE]

So did you need a prescription to use MaMa Lotion or the Retin A?
[QUOTE=kesae;3220326]So did you need a prescription to use MaMa Lotion or the Retin A?[/QUOTE]

Mama lotion you can order online. I`m pretty sure Retin A is perscription, though.

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