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Re: Diet Plan
Aug 10, 2003
Hey =)
I decided to try a method of low carbing and it's been a year since I switched to a Gluten Free Diet. Basically what that means is you can't eat WHEAT, RYE, and BARLEY grains. There are a few others that contain gluten, but unless you go to a healthfood store, you shouldn't bump into them. This is a rather annoying diet at first because you will be reading ingredient labels and getting frustrated or disappointed because 90% of commerical, fast food, frozen, canned food contains Wheat or Gluten. ;-)

So I basically I had to give up a HUGE majority of conveince foods. Of course there are PLENTY of gluten-free substutes for pizza, pasta, cereal, muffins, cakes, and even oreo cookies. However, due to cost and my own fading interest in them, I eat them maybe 10% of the time. So in truth, I'm actually on a low grain diet, with myself consuming mainly corn and rice and occasionally oatmeal. Usually, I'll eat a box of cereal every other month, rarely do I want to drink anytihng other than water, and I can't drink soda (breaks me out). Otherwise, I do whatever I please, excpet that sugar cravings have drastically been reduced. I don't even like the taste of 100% fruit juice unless I diluted it water ;-) Yet I will eat potatoes (even french fries), vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, and organic milk. to snack on I'll eat very rarely eat a granola or protein bar, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, rice cakes, popcorn, and potato chips.

LOL, not a perfect diet by far, but that and a reduced form of spiro has gotten me 99%+ clear. I suppose if I gave up the rest of the grains or some of that starch I would be perfectly clear. Infact the way some acne sufferers cleared 100% without ANY supplements or medication was by eliminating ALL grains, bananas (avoiding) peanuts & cashews (I avoid these), and Nightshades (potatos, tomatos, peppers, eggplant). Yet, others only had to eliminate all grains.

So finally I've learned that the only way I'm going to safely have any variety in my diet is if I learn how to cook. So I've actually bought several books on low carbing and grain elimination diets. One of these books is known as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It's called the SCD because you will be avoiding lactose, starch, and grain carbohydrates. Now, what's fascinating about this is that you can STILL "have your cake and eat it too." Except that your cake or other "bread" products won't be made from ANY type of grain or starch, but...nuts or beans. There's a variety of websites that offer nut flours and recipes to make all sorts of desserts and other foods.

Wow, I used to think that I would marry a man that could cook, but I wouldn' I have no choice
;-/ LOL


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