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It's been two months since I got off of accutane. Today I had my first appointment with my new dermatologist. (My old one moved her office waaay to far away.) Anyways, he's a great dermatologist. Instead of just saying "Use this, use that" he told me what the goal was: to use something to mimick the way Accutane shuts down the oil glands. He also gave me samples of several products, and told me to experiment until I found something I liked.

So, here's what I got samples of: Retin-A Micro, .04% and .1%, Klaron Lotion, and Clindagel. I've used the Retin-A Micro before, as well as Klaron.

I was also offered Neo Strata cleanser - it has glycolic acid in it. But, it was $22. Anyone used it before, and did you like it? Is it worth it?

As far as my face, a few pimples pop up every now and then. My nose is the worst problem...I had red, clogged pores. About 20. They're not full blown zits, so it doesn't look that bad. I'm going full days without foundation now, which is such a relief.

I had bloodwork done today, mostly to see if my cholesterol has been lowered since I quit Accutane. (It was significantly high during my Accutane course, however, my cholesterol has always been high.)

I think that pretty much covers it!

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