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Hey guys...just thought i'd post my recent derm experiences :)

After about a year of trying to improve w/o derms, i finally returned to the medical community :\ . So about 3 weeks ago, i went to a new derm. I was kind of excited but dreaded going at the same time. Go figure. When i saw her, the first thing she said to me (almost literally) was "Have you considered accutane?" LOL ouch, doc, ouch. None of my previous derms had ever even considered putting me on accutane, despite the fact that i obviously had some pretty big & bad problems. So i guess it felt good to finally see someone who recognized the severity of my problem (personally i think you would have to be legally blind not to!) and was willing to go from there. Anyways, she eventually prescribed me with tazorac cream and duac gel for night use and told me to use glycolic acid cleansing pads in the morning. Then i got what i think she said was a "fruit acid" peel. Stung a little but not too bad.

Fastforward to today. I go back to my derm and lets be honest, I wasn't feeling too good. Wondering if i shoulda gone on accutane but now im trying to stick this out and see if it helps. Anyways, she looks me over and gives me a prescription for minocycline. That kinda shocked me seeing as i have been on that twice in the past and didn't seem to help me. At all. But she knows that and shes the doctor after all right? but i guess i don't have much to lose. So lets see now im up to 3 prescriptions now (woohoo just what i always wanted) not to mention the glycolic stuff. Sheesh... hope i can be consistent in doing all this stuff... Well to get back to the end of my visit, she gave me my second peel. I think it was a TCA 10% peel. Only this time things were different. Very different. You know, when a derm asks you if something like this stings, they've probably never had one themself before. Sting didn't describe this. More like horrible, excrutiating, "I'm gonna die!", pain. Of course, when she asked me if it stung i said "yea, a little" HAHA! Just when i thought i couldn't take it anymore it started getting better. Now i feel pretty normal except wow its really hot here in sd and my face looks and feels kinda like i got a sunburn. wow long post after a long day. sorry i needed to vent :)...questions or comments very welcome :)

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