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I posted my experience with fish oil earlier on this board and how some types made me break out and some cleared up my face nicely. Check my earlier post for the comparison of ingredients in the brands I've used. I've heard that it really makes a difference in what type of fish oil you use and I've also recently been reading up on Krill oil (which is a small shirmp in the Arctic) which seems to be better because: in addition to your omega 3 and omega 6, it has Vitamin A, D, and E which is also very good for your skin. I've had no experience with this but I am very tempted to try it to keep my skin looking healthy and young to make for all those years I lost feeling bad about myself when I was young!

Anyways, The fish oil that's worked the best for me is Sundown brand and currently I'm using 365 from Whole Foods which is working well. Also, check to see if what your using has been molecularly distilled. This process takes the toxins and impurities out of the oil.

I *think* the cause of my acne is most likely hormonal and partly because of food sensitivities. I can tell you that my skin is both oily and very flakey and the fish oil really helps to balance that out.

One other thing...EXERCISE! It keeps your circulation going, metabolism up and makes you feel better!

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