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Well I have gotten in trouble already for talking about my faith as it is not allowed to be discussed here, so I will try to answer you without breaking the rules.
You are not being punished. It doesn't work that way. You are loved. Sometimes we go through trials in our life, but they are not used as punishment. Look, acne sucks. I don't know anyone who likes it. But you are the only one who can choose how to react to this period in your life. You can choose to let it grip you and take your focus off of what is really important, and let it make you angry and depressed, or you can give it up to and trust that you will be strong enough to deal with this and to not think about it as much or whatever.
I was always the pretty girl when I was growing up. I had the body and the looks and I was favored by it. I was always liked by tons of guys, I was popular had tons of friends, I was used to everyone wanting me. Then I started to get mild acne when I was 19. It was devastating. Here I was with 2 pimples constantly and I was depressed. Then when I turned 21 I broke out even more. Wow was it bad. My whole face was covered in acne. Small and cystic. I refused to leave my house. I wouldn't hang out with my friends anymore and let this get the best of me. Then I was given a thought a release if you will from the grip of the torment I was feeling. It didn't happen over night but over time. I am a new person now. I was humbled. I realize that it is not how I look that matters, but what and who I am on the inside that truly counts. For once I have to rely on me, not my looks, to get me jobs etc. It is hard at times but the only way to get through this is to trust. We don't have all the answers and we don't understand why these things happen to us. We try to search for a reason why this terrible thing is happening to us. "It must be my punishment for being cruel in the past" Don't give in to the temptation of that thought. It will destroy you. I know it is hard at times, I know the struggle. Don't let it sink it's hook in to you. Remember that through the trials can come great blessings and from the ashes, gold. Keep your spirits up and try not to be discouraged. With every new day, comes renewing and a fresh hope. Let your light shine from within and it will be soooo bright that that will be all that others around you will see. Your joy. Your happiness. Your beauty.

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