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[QUOTE=gracie03;3237005]umm im 18 yrs old and i have a weird skin problem but no one has told me what it is i was wondering if u could tell me about ur symptoms and what ur skin problem looked like im just trying to figure out what wrong i know it sounds weird but if u can write it would help alot[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure what you want to know. (By the high school English teacher would've killed me for using a sentence as long as yours. Ha!) But, seriously, what's going on with you? My problem was cystic acne. Meaning - not just a regular little pimple. A hard-as-a-rock cyst. Usually on my chin or jawline. You can find all the help and support you need right here on these boards.

And, to anyone else reading this....I've been reading a lot about this dairy thing. (I wish I would've had the internet back when I was 20! Wow. So much to learn.) Anyway....there's lots of things that people can be sensitive to. Wheat. Sugar. Dairy products. Maybe you should try eliminating certain things from your diet to see if anything works for you. When I was in my early 20s, all I ever heard was chocolate and Sun-Drops (that's a drink here in the South - in the ballpark of a Mountain Dew, but WAY better) and greasy foods. I eliminated that junk and it never worked for me. I spent most of my 20s on tetracycline products - which helped until I built a tolerance to it. No one ever mentioned dairy products. No one. So, I'm hoping that I can, at least, help one person here. Acne causes suffering in more ways than one. Believe me, I know. We all want to be beautiful, don't we? When you don't look good to yourself, then you don't feel good on the inside either.

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