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I am going to start birth control and I was wondering if they are all good for acne or if maybe a certain one works better than another. Also is the birth control pill loestrin 24 the one that makes your period last 3 days also good for your acne?

I heard that Yaz may help prevent acne. But I believe it is precribed for women with PMDD. In my experience I've been on 3 different types of birth control and they made my acne go down a little but not completely away.
It depends on the person the one that works for me is Ortho Tri-Cyclen. Unfortunatly it also makes me gain weight so its kind of a trade off. I've heard that alot of people that take Ortho Tri-Cyclen for acne then switch to Ortho Tri-Cyclen Low and their acne comes back on the Low version. So maybe a pill with more estrogen is better for acne but Im no doctor so don't qute me on that, thats just what I've found works for myself
I use Diane 35. Ortho tri-cyclen worked for me too but Diane 35 is anti-androgenic which has a good affect on acne. Works really well! Cuts down on oil if you have oily skin and gets rid of acne. You can only get it from Canada but I order mine online (I'm from the US) since the PP in my town never seems to want to give me the pills I want. Never had any side effects or problems with it except maybe nausea the first month or something but thats normal for many pills. You should try it!! You don't need a prescription to get it online. Just gotta find the right website.
I agree,I loved Ortho Tri Cyclen, and it works ssooo well. But now i'm on my own and have no health insurance and I can't take it And the Planned Parenthood I go to only has OTC Lo and it doesn't help with acne, my nodules/cysts have come back. Yaz helped with the bigger ones, but the small ones aren't too bad. But it didn't help with my PMDD, only made it worse. I have no idea what to do about my acne!!! What other BC pills work with acne?
I was on Monofemme for a few months due to irregular periods, and i also noticed that it really helped with my skin. I had no bad side effects, and in Australia/NZ it is subsidized by the government :)
I think the acne problem is caused by the Estrogen:Testosterone ratio being too high in the testosterone direction. Too much testosterone will cause oily skin & acne. Not enough testosterone can cause joint pain, depression, & loss of sexual drive.

Females can take a little estrogen, BC pills, to help raise the E:T ratio a bit in the estrogen direction.
I think Diane 35 clears up acne, since it is KNOWN as an acne pill as well as birth control?
Well that's what it says on their website

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