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Well, I'm Stacy and now at the age of 20 my hormonal acne is getting worse, and i am beginning to think that there should be an AA support group, not Alcoholics Anonymous, but Acne Anonymous.

It began for me i think aruound 15/16 but has basically just got worse. I have light bumps on the forehead almost under the skin, but mainly large red spots that rarely ever come to a white head on the chin and sometimes neck. Now by all means there are probably people out there with it alot worse, but i just don't know what i am doing wrong. It got to the point where i have asked my mother to stop asking about my skin for the sake of superstition and i look at teens around me (at university) who drink, smoke and eat only takeaways and processed food and begrudge them just a tad.

I have tried all manner of antibiotic concoctions over the years, B vitamins, starflower etc. I don't eat dairy, i drink lots and lots of filtered water, i don't drink or smoke, i eat loads of green veg, and plenty of fruit - the list of things i don't do or eat far out weighs what i do. I exercise once a day, and walk a mile everyday too with my dog, i live in a clean environment and i use dermalogica products. My doctor is an arse who knows nothing about anything nor my name without help(what would these damn people do if you took their computers they wouldn't know what to prescribe) and dermatologists little improve the situation the last one i saw was a dried up old coot who wasn't worth the 120 i forked out!!!!

I believe i am immune by now to anti biotics but have recently started taking spirolactone 100mg, erythromycin, and differnin topically. I have been on this medication for about two months and at first it seemed to improve no more spots on the chin - and when its okay i try to stay away from the forums again supersitiously. Something i should mention is that my periods are completely irratic even more so recently, and my chin has loads more lumps - i know its linked, but i am just running out of options. I have asked my doctor for roaccutane, who said i have to keep to the system, and have to wait another month or so before i can be tested, he even had the audacity to say to me well you have had it for years whats another month!!!!!!!! Like so many people, i am an attractive girl who is clever and rational about most things but i can honestly say this is ruining my life. I cry whenever i think about it when i am alone, and all i see when i look at myself are spots, and even during that rare moment when there aren't any i am looking and waiting for them to appear.....because i know there isn't an end.

Anyone who has any ideas, plans, diet help, drugs etc - i will do anything to end this, please help and please share your experiences and trauma's.

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