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I've had this problem since I was 15 years old, and now I'm 30! I first started noticing lumps/nodules on my mons pubis (I didn't shave or wax "down there" yet, I was only 15!) and I saw a dermatologist about it and they told me it was a boil and gave me antibiotics. Years down the road, the issue got a little worse, and I started getting more nodules (like really hard knots) and another dermatologist (world famous one!) told me that I needed antibiotics again. It seemed to me that this wasn't working too good, so I sort of just gave up on it. It got to the point where people I dated were asking if I had herpes, and I was completely embarassed about it and it ruined my sex life from then onward. I have scars from all of the problems that I've had down there and it's very painful for me to wear underwear. I was tested for everything by my gyno and they found nothing wrong. I was just given antibiotics every single time a doctor saw me!

I am now engaged and my fiancee has become really concerned with our sex life. I can't have normal sex because the bumps hurt, and I don't want him to even see them, so I get turned off really easily. I won't even let him touch me down there, and we are getting married! I just saw two doctors about it a few months ago, and they said it looks like ingrown hairs. I've even pulled the ingrowns out myself with tweezers, but I don't know how to prevent them. I've tried everything including: waxing, exfoliating, Tend Skin, acne washes, body acne washes, alpha hydroxy creams, all kinds of exfoliating creams with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am almost ready to try Proactive on it.. but it doesn't seem safe. Pleeease.. anyone!?

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