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Greetings friends,

First of all Id just like to say Thankyou to each and everyone of you guys for your posts, I can relate to so many of them and it gives me hope & encouragement... I have been reading posts in this forum for the past week & finally I decided to join and make my own first contribution.
Heres my story:
I was 19 when diagnosed by my derm that I had severe cystic acne. He put me straight on accutane, long story short, after the 6 months of treatment I was all clear. Xcept for damn redness & blemishes (Derm- "Will go away within 6 - 12 months") 4 months after completing the accutane treatment zits started to re-appear, 9 months later, I was nearly back to as bad as it first was. Im now 21 & am on a second course of accutane, currently 2.5 months in, having the same results thus far as I did the first course. No doubt the acne wil come back again :-(
Now time to vent:
I am so sick of what acne does to me. Its like a prison, a cage. I cannot be myself, I cannot be confident, I cannot find a reason to smile. All I want is to be able to be me, but how can I do that when this freaking disease wont leave me alone. When you cant hold eye contact with anyone for more than 2 seconds without having to look away or down... I just want a 'normal' life! UGHGHHHG its so frustrating! I would just be repeating what so many of you have already said If I stated any more examples of the various psychological effects acne has on us.
So yeh I have joined this forum because I need you guys, I havent told anyone how I feel about my acne, Its so damn annoying when you cant help but dwell on it all day everyday... One day, oh one day it will be better, wont it? PLEEASEE TELL ME IT WILL!
My 2 older brothers both had severe acne, went on accutane for 1 course and were fixed up! Im not so lucky...:-(
I wont to try the idea of SweetJades, gettin rid of the carbs etc. Also having vit B5 regularly, is it OK to take B5 while on accutane?
Its going to be such a sacrifice for me to not eat certain things.. pasta, OHH no I cant live without my paasta!! :-( BUT I MUST, Id rather have no acne than enjoy my foooods, i think... ?

Well I appreciate your reading my very first post, hopefully sometime in the future I can post: "Finally I am cured!"... Wishful thinking?


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