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Aug 15, 2003
I've been reading this board for awhile and would like to share something that's really worked for me. I've had severe to moderate acne since I was eleven (I'm 37 now)and have tried antibiotics, retin A, acutane, birth control pills, proactive and pretty much every over the counter thing that you can think of, with no lasting results. I also gravitated toward Neutrogena cosmetics and cleansers since dermatologists are always recommending them. On top of constantly having cysts, my skin was always peeling and flaky from topical ointments so my makeup always looked horrible.

Last winter I decided to try Aveda products because my friend's esthitican had told her that they were much better than Neutragena. I dropped about $200 on a cleansing regimine and some foundation. I also started using their tea tree oil in lieu of bp or sa ointments. Basically, nothing but Aveda has touched my face for the last eight months. While I still tend to break out a bit around my period, I can say that my face looks better than it has in 25 years. I've gone from having red, peeling skin with 3 or four large cysts per month and lots of smaller whiteheads to having mostly clear skin with about one small cyst per month that clears up relatively fast. Best of all, since my skin isn't peeling I can use makeup to cover those up.

I know that not everything works the same for everyone, but this has really made a difference for me.

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